Brother MFC-1950MC Driver Download

Brother MFC-1950MC Driver Download

Reviews– Everything you need to communicate your ideas! The Brother MFC-1950mc Plus is an incredible all-in-one! It is a fax, printer, copier, scanner, fax and PC message center! Uses plain paper and as “Plus” include the OCR Software Converts (Xerox) TWAIN Software OCR TextBridge Driver.- Images into character files and import into the original word processor to prevent re-creation.

Users feared that their electronic devices, such as the Brother MFC-1950MC, stopped working because of the infamous Y2K virus. Who would have thought that ten years later, some users still squeeze the last bits of life out of their old fax machines thanks to the sustained availability of consumption for obsolete printers, which keep the Brother MFC-1950MC out of the cemetery Fax, at least for now?

The dedicated device found in Brother MFC-1950MC is a welcome addition to the hardware in a time when landlines are hard to find. In addition, the Brother MFC-1950MC has absolutely no advantage over today’s multifunction fax machines that are efficient and inexpensive. However, the unit is still able to perform the most basic functions of faxing, printing and copying, even if the device is more than ten years old.
The origin of the Brother MFC-1950MC paper comes in the form of a 200-page cassette, which contains more than enough storage space for a device for such a low volume. Basic fax functions, such as dialing 24 one-touch keys, are on the unit. Quick marking is the programmable and simple text menus you can navigate by using a built-in 16-character LCD display. The phone works built-in as an automatic switching telephone which is a great advantage for the often crowded home office. Another useful integrated fax feature is the automatic redial unit continues to call the decaying output numbers at five-minute intervals until successful.

All hardware that is contained in the brother MFC-1950MC is in the obsolete limit. The 14.4 Kbps fax modem device is at least three times slower than the current Super G3 modem and printing and copy speeds of the drive are atrocious. Copying resolution of the device maximizes superfine fax quality, which is not a photographic quality.

The horizontal resolution is Locket 203 points per inch, and it is on many fax machines. Vertical resolution can be selected from the standard quality of line 98 per inch, fine quality/photo 196 lines per inch quality, and superfine quality / 392 per inch quality. Although the Brother MFC-1950MC is technically a whole in one unit, the lack of better print specifications reveals its true nature as a fax machine that happens to have the resources of the host PC.
The 64-level unique grayscale device is very limited when it comes to any type of shadow images. Text documents should produce or reproduce very well, but the photographs and other images will come out of the machine which looks unprofessional and of very poor quality.

Brother MFC-1950MC Driver Download support for:

  • Windows 8.1 – Windows 8 – Windows 7 – Windows Vista – Windows XP 32bit
  • Windows 8.1 – Windows 8 – Windows 7 – Windows Vista – Windows XP 64bit
  • Mac Os X
  • Os X
  • Linux

Brother MFC-1950MC Driver Download for Windows

Windows 8.1 32bit / Windows 8 32bit
Windows 8.1 64bit/ Windows 8 64bit
Windows Vista 32bit / Windows XP 32bit / Windows 7 32bit
Windows 7 64bit / Windows Vista 64bit / Windows XP 64bit

Brother MFC-1950MC Driver Download For Mac Os X

|[OS X 10.9]|[ OS X 10.8]|
Mac OS X 10.7 / Mac OS X 10.6 / Mac OS X 10.6

Brother MFC-1950MC Driver Download For Linux


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