PT Driver

Brother™ PT-E550W Driver Download

Brother™ PT-E550W Driver Download Reviews– PT-E550W industrial wireless handheld labeling tool kit comes with the configuration software to help integrate into the workflow process. Label design and printing from a computer, or a link to a database to save time and reduce errors. Connect directly or send drawings and wireless tag database at work with a […]

Brother™ PT-9700PC Driver Download

Brother™ PT-9700PC Driver Download Reviews– The PT-9700PC printer office barcode labels printed laminated labels on demand for applications that require a more permanent label. Although the thermal transfer of conventional printed labels is durable, resistant to light and can in extreme temperatures, a laminated label offers additional protection is used to abrasion, chemicals, and moisture. Print […]

Brother PT-D600VP Labellers Driver Download

Brother PT-D600VP Labellers Driver Download Reviews– The PT-D600VP is a versatile PC connectable labellers suitable well for various applications in a company identification. Create quick, professional looking labels using built-in keyboard or a computer to connect more personalized labels to create. The intuitive, full-color, graphical display provides easy access to the formatting menus, and the ability […]

Brother PT-750W Labellers Driver Download

Brother PT-750W Labellers Driver Download Reviews– The PT-P750W is connected to printer labels powerful and easy to use with a host of wireless connectivity options. It’s easy to create multiple users on different computers and mobile devices, and virtually any color printing, durable labels, professionals can imagine. With a built-in wireless 802.11b / g / n […]

Brother PT-2700AR Labellers Driver Download

Brother PT-2700AR Labellers Driver Download Reviews– The P-Touch PT-2700 Brother electronic labeling system can be used as a portable labeler, that can be connected to a computer. It has a large display, backlight (16 characters x 3 lines) designed for easy viewing and is for professional users in an office, medical office, and retail / commercial, […]

Brother PT-9600 Labellers Driver Download

Brother PT-9600 Labellers Driver Download Reviews–  Use laminated tapes and industrial strength laminated with barcode labels, serialized and patch panel, up to 1 ½ “(36mm) wide, to print in the harshest environments. Telecommunications, asset management, maintenance and laboratories PT- 9600 comes with an automatic cutting system ; notebook keyboard, backlit display and protective bag for […]